East Melbourne

George Street

This project was my first collaboration with the Architect Stephen Akehurst and the Interior Designer Adrian Cannata, renowned for their attention to detail and the high level of quality they achieve. It was also my first project realized by the contractor I have built up a special relationship with: Gardenridge Pty Ltd.

The scale and the composition of every element was inspired by the Greek principle of the golden ratio, so that the garden could suggest a sense of perfect proportion. A generous terrace flows from the house, providing space for outdoor dining and relaxation.  The area accommodates a couple of Iconic Lutyens benches, each of them standing in front of a raised fountain. The water spouts, hidden within a buxus hedge, are reminiscent of the 100 fountains promenade in Villa d’Este in Tivoli.

An elegant flight of steps leads up to raised terrace, giving the garden a sense of movement. The terrace is framed by two raised planters with a geometric white powder coated metal installation providing an interesting focal point. Low cushions of buxus, dwarf Hydrangea ‘Piamina’ climbing Iceberg roses  and Lagerstromia (crapemyrtle) soften the formal structure and provide a textured greenery. Lighting is used wisely at low level to wash the paving and highlight urns and a sculpture.  The existing walls were softened and unified with the climber Ficus repens.

I also designed the front garden, into which I positioned a smaller version of the Lutyens bench, framed by buxus hedges, and glazed black Anduze pots.